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Environmental Restoration Wiki DRAFT Outline

ER Wiki Outline – DRAFT

(Lead Authors shown in parentheses)

1. Introductory page

2. Common groundwater contaminants

       a.	Hydrocarbons and Chlorinated solvents (Bilgen Yuncu)
       b.	Explosives and propellants (Paul Hatzinger)
       c.	Metals and radionuclides (Miles Denham)
       d.	Emerging contaminants 
               i.	1,4-dioxane (Shaily Mahendra) 
               ii.	NDMA (Paul Hatzinger)
               iii.	Perfluorinated organics (Jennifer Field)

3. Fluid Flow and Transport

       a.	Advection, dispersion, and diffusion (Chuck Newell)
       b.	Sorption (Richelle Allen-King)
       c.	NAPL migration (Kurt Pennell)

4. Characterization

       a.	Direct push (Wes McCall and Tom Christy) 
       b.	Geophysics (Lee Slater)
       c.	MBTs (Dora Ogles)
       d.	Stable isotopes (Paul Hatzinger)

5. Degradation processes

       a.	Abiotic (oxidative, reductive, hydrolysis) (Paul Tratnyek)
       b.	Biotic: aerobic (John Wilson), cometabolic (Paul Hatzinger) and reductive (David Freedman)

6. In Situ Remediation Technologies

       a.	Air sparging and SVE (Rob Hinchee)
       b.	Surfactants and cosolvents (Kurt Pennell)
       c.	ISCO (Michelle Crimi)
       d.	ISCR (Paul Tratnyek)
       e.	Biostimulation and bioaugmentation
               i.	Aerobic (John Wilson)
               ii.	Cometabolic (Paul Hatzinger)
               iii.	Anaerobic bioremediation (Dave Major)
       f.	In situ thermal (Paul Johnson)
       g.	Monitored natural attenuation (John Wilson)
       h.	Range treatment (Kevin Finneran)
       i.	Amendment Delivery Technologies
               i.	Hydraulic and Pneumatic Fracturing
               ii.	Jetting
               iii.	Electro Kinetics (Dave Reynolds)
       j.	In Situ Combustion – Smoldering (Jason Gerhard)

7. Performance evaluation

       a.	Source zone modeling (Ron Falta)
       b.	Plume response modeling (Ron Falta)
       c.	Mass flux and mass discharge (Brian Looney)
       d.	Long-term monitoring (Dave Adamson)

8. Soil vapor intrusion (Tom McHugh)